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My name is Amber Love, and I started Love to Learn because I want to be a resource for families who want help teaching their children from home. I strive to provide non judgemental services while creating gentle, achievable and customized educational solutions. Let's get you and your child back on track and restore the harmony in your home. 

Initial Visit / Consultation

We can introduce ourselves. Tell me your student's learning background / successes / challenges. I will listen to your situation and can recommend a plan moving forward.  I will sit down with you and give you some initial thoughts. This meeting gives you the opportunity to "interview" me.

1 Hour


Homeschool Consultation

Price (per student) includes:

  • A one-hour private session per week with an experienced Alberta certified teacher to discuss:

    • Your plans to meet the curriculum objectives for your child

    • Your child’s academic performance

    • Strategies for teaching & learning behaviours at home

  • Weekly support through email

  • Customized resources tailored to your child’s learning needs.

$50 per Week


$180 per month

Private Tutoring

Online tutoring tailored to your child's learning needs.

1 one-hour session

2 one-hour sessions

4 one-hour sessions

8 one-hour sessions

$40 / Hour

$70 / week

$130 / Month

$250 / Month

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