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Your Home Learning Consultant

Get Extra Help While You Are Home Schooling or Going to School

Overwhelmed with homeschooling?


Do you want to be sure that your child is on track with their learning?


Love to Learn is there for you when you need it most. Speak to one of our experienced teachers who will help you plan, assess, and give your child engaging learning experiences that will motivate them to do their best!


You can do it, let us help.

Early Literacy Development

Fact or fiction, together we can continue to develop your child's reading skills, including decoding new sounds in words and deepening their comprehension of texts. Assessments can identify any trouble areas your child may be experiencing and these will guide us to develop your child's unique reading goals. 

Science & Social Studies

Curriculum based lessons and resources to help your child keep up with the concepts taught in your child's grade. Experiencing science and social concepts while at home can sometimes be the most fun!

Printing & Writing

Practicing proper pencil grip, letter formations, and sentence structure, your child will continue on the path to becoming a legible writer. Continued work on building sentences and creative writing will let your child's imagination show.

Scheduling & Resources

Planning effective lessons and finding great resources is a skill that every teacher learns quickly and masters during their teaching career. Let me use my experience to help you find relevant resources and schedule your days to bring balance and harmony back into your home.

Foundational Mathematics

Number sense, word problems, equations, measurement, and shapes. These are all foundational concepts that are crucial to continue building while learning at home.

Behavioural Accommodations

Children love to learn, but sometimes behavioural challenges can get in the way. My many years of experience working with a variety of behavioural issues both in and out of the classroom can help you make teaching in your home a pleasant and memorable experience for both you and your child.

Teacher and Students in Science Class


"I have seen in her a great interest and zeal for personal and community education. When the opportunity arises she provides good perspective and insight for others in our community while at the same time showing respect for differences of opinion.

James, Parent

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